Tickets and JetBlue operations


JetBlue Airways is a domestic airline in the United States that began operations in 2000 and now serves over sixty destinations in 22 countries. The corporate headquarters are in Queens, New York with the main center at terminal 5 of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Operation JetBlue focuses on various focus airports throughout the United States. They consist of Long Beach Airport, Logan International Airport, Hollywood International Airport (in Fort Lauderdale), Orlando International Airport and Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Puerto Rico.

In addition to these focus airports, JetBlue has significant operations at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, McCarren International Airport, Las Vegas, Oakland Airport (near San Francisco), Southwest Florida Airport, and Washington Dulles Airport.

Although largely a domestic airline, JetBlue flies to eleven countries in the Caribbean and South America.

Formed by former South South Airlines employees, although a budget airline, JetBlue strives to offer the ultimate in-flight entertainment experience through its DIRECTV system. This allows for personal screens that offer over thirty channels of content, including games, movies and music. Passenger comfort is also enhanced by offering superior seat tilt, with the front cabin of their Airbus A320 boasting a 38-inch tilt per seat.

Free JetBlue ticket fee

You can buy airline tickets either online or by phone. The no-frills mode is available online, avoiding the $ 15 surcharge when booking by phone. You can only book more than eight tickets by phone, although a $ 15 fee is not applicable in these circumstances. When booking less than eight tickets by phone, it is possible to book a JetBlue ticket for free using the JetBlue Travel Certificate or the Jet Blue Gift Card for payment.

Cancellation or cancellation of non-refundable tickets is $ 100 per ticket. Unless a non-refundable flight ticket is used, all money associated with the ticket will be forfeited.

In the case of return tickets, no penalty is foreseen if a change or cancellation is made before the scheduled departure. If the flight is not taken, all ticket related money may be credited to JetBlue credit only for future Jet Blue tickets valid for one year from the date of issue.

JetBlue Airlines check-in

JetBlue offers all customers a Web Check-in service, which can be used 24 hours to 90 minutes before scheduled departure.

JetBlue TrueBlue

TrueBlue is the name of the frequent flyer program. Prior to the 2009 overhaul, TrueBlue provided members with two, four, or six points, depending on travel distance, while double points were awarded for online flights.

Following a redesign in September 2009, JetBlue changed the way it awards points from a distance-based system to a value-based system. Members now earn three points for every dollar spent on a ticket, with points doubled to six for online bookings. All points awarded do not include taxes and fees. Also, members must fly with JetBlue at least once a year for points to remain active.
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