Mom’s last minute guide for choosing the perfect ski lodge

Planning your family’s ski vacation can be stressful enough – but the need to find a ski resort at the last minute can be quite scary. Fortunately, there are some great tips and suggestions for mothers who need to book accommodations during a certain time period. Choosing a hostel is one of the biggest decisions to make when planning a ski trip. Take a look at the following for some helpful tips when choosing a place to stay:

The location is important!

When booking a hotel with children, the hotel’s location must be family friendly. In other words, choosing a top-notch luxury resort town might be great for a romantic getaway, but it can be very limited when it comes to its daytime kids shows. Take a look at the surrounding city and quickly search online for family-friendly tourism opportunities. You will be surprised by what some places offer.

Ski inns near the ski slopes can be a great help for families with children. Look for transportation options if the mountains are far from the hotel. Also consider potential daily trips, as it never hurts to have backup options if your kids get tired of skiing.

Contact the concierge or manager.

Planning a trip for your family can be difficult, but travelers often forget what hotel staff can think of as a great resource. Call if in doubt and ask to speak to the manager about activities for children. The concierge can tell you the hotel’s location on the ski slopes, and whether there are ski lessons for children. Ask if there is a pool or if there are other activities available for families.

If you don’t like how the interaction occurs on the phone, you will likely feel anxious about the stay if you choose to book. If you are already experiencing a time crunch, call again, as you may have a bad isolated experience. If you encounter negative customer service twice, move to the next option.

Consider choosing an apartment-style hotel.

A ski inn can be just another name for a ski slope hotel. Some of these hotels use a business model in which different rooms are maintained and owned by different individuals and companies. This can be a great option for last minute booking, as they offer different budget options. As a procrastination bonus, you can register some real deals from those who strive to rent their rooms. In general, you can find loft rooms, condominiums, suites and standard rooms. Wings and upper flats usually provide sleeping arrangements for groups, so this may be ideal for a family.

Remember to search online for individual room reviews, as well as for a ski cottage in general. Fellow travelers will leave reviews in certain rooms, as not all owners manage equally. But condominiums usually have something for everyone, which is great for families.