Is the money fake, indicating only the written paper?

Many accuse our Federal Reserve of issuing money that is not worth the paper written to the Federal Reserve, that it has no value, that it is no longer protected by gold; it’s basically fake, and it’s the whole system. a huge scam. However, I say that money is not fake because it represents a concept – the work of the future – and that is why it is valued when borrowed, that the work of the future is worth something to the people who do the work or the business start-up. products.

This does not mean that the Central Banks or governments around the world or the incestuous and unscrupulous people who try to pile up and manipulate it are not abusing them. It does not mean greedy people who interfere with their work or give them value, such as lawyers or governments who interfere in business transactions through unjustified fees, taxes, regulations and laws. for the system. Any corruption or inefficiency damages the system in general, but the concept of the money we use is not false, it indicates something very important. And if we believe that and have faith in the value of our work or the things we produce, the money system is healthy.

If you want to see a dark philosophical side of the greed and corruption of such a system, there is one great Hollywood movie worth watching: In Time (2011). The IMDb website has a movie trailer that you can watch, with a synopsis:

“In the future, when people stop aging at the age of 25, but are designed to live a year longer, having the resources to get out of the situation is a shot at the immortal youth. Here, Sal Salas is accused of murder and moving forward. the connection that becomes “.

In fact, I bet you’d like it and it’s a real head screw and comes with a work-based value or money. It’s a science fiction movie that makes you think.

Of course, today we don’t use a lot of real money and coins, most of the money is digital, one and zero and it is created by pressing a keyboard, unfortunately it can be stolen or hacked as easily as created – worried yet? To a small extent, I have to admit, there is no doubt that with the future of Quantum Computing our digital money is at risk of a massive collapse in banking systems – and you mentioned confidence, if people don’t trust it. , failed and then the whole civilization melts in 3-5 days, up to a couple of weeks – scary things.

To create a new demolition of the current system will be too much change for the survival of human civilizations too quickly, everyone loses, no one gains and 3,000 billion people die, it is still not worth the risk of taking away the money. Maybe in 50-100 years, and certainly not a proven system until it takes its place. If you ask me, I would say that it would be difficult to convince anyone with any leadership that now is the time to take the money.

First we need to find a better method, then test it in a small area and then slowly scale it; unless you start at a young age, if you don’t show that the model works without external influences, it’s not worth the risk. Of course, you prove the concept, you go from there. So does that mean Blockchain and Bitcoin are our future? I’ll save that for another article, after reading this you have enough to think about.